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Capital Project List 2021


Snydertown Waterline Replacement and Dietrich Road Pumping Station

The existing Snydertown well flow capacity is currently underutilized as a result of the water system hydraulics.  This well has the capacity to support more water flow to existing customers, however system improvements are necessary to achieve this goal.  A preliminary evaluation was completed to assess the water system needs to increase flow from this well to other areas of the water system.  The conclusion of the assessment was that a pump station with a capacity of approximately 300 gpm located near Deitrich Road along with approximately 22,000 linear feet of 8” diameter watermain and associated appurtenances was necessary to provide flow from the Snydertown area to the Hecla and Zion areas of the water system.


ESTIMATED OPINION OF PROJECT COSTS:   $3,000,000 to $3,500,000




Hecla and Zion Finished Water Storage Tank Repairs and Rehabilitation

Each of these two tanks were recently cleaned and inspected in an effort to determine a scope of repairs and rehabilitation.  This capital project would address each of these facilities by completing any repair work identified, and the recoating of the interior and exterior of these steel tanks.





District Metered Areas Infrastructure Improvements

As a result of effort and studies associated with the pursuit of reducing the Association’s unaccounted for water, a recommendation was provided to consider constructing metering facilities at strategic locations in the water system.  By installing these facilities, the Association could improve their ability to identify leaks within the water distribution system more quickly and efficiently.  These metering facilities would be equipped with measuring devices, potentially both flow and pressure that would be connected to the SCADA system for the collection of real time data.  An evaluation would be needed to identify and determine the number of metering facilities and the ideal location of each.





Entire Water System Meter Pit and Meter Replacement

Most of the water system residential meters are over 25 years old and located within the resident’s houses.  Additionally, there are a significant amount of long service laterals which is suspected to be contributing to the Association’s high amount of unaccounted for water.  The Board initiated new regulations that require all new service line connections have a meter and meter pit constructed at the property line rather than in the home owners structure (house).  Also, the Association identified a new manufacturer for the residential meters that has the capability to be monitored from the SCADA system.  This capital project would replace all the residential meters with the new meters along with moving the location of the meters into a meter pit at the property line.  For planning purposes, it is estimated there are 1,600 customers.


ESTIMATED OPINION OF PROJECT COSTS:   $1,500,000 to $2,000,000





Zion Back Road Waterline Replacement

The Zion Back Road area has been identified as an area of high replacement priority through the System Wide Condition Assessment Report, continuous leak monitoring and leak repairs by the Operators.  The Zion Back Road area is currently served from five different locations.  The multiple locations of service creates dead ends throughout this area.  The dead ends coupled with aging, undersized waterlines have created a restriction on WTWA’s ability to serve future customers in this Zion Back Road area.  The waterlines in this area throughout the last five years have developed an ever increasing amount of unaccounted for water.  Although line repairs have occurred by the Operators, the unaccounted for water in this area continues to increase.  In order to provide more reliable water service to existing and future customers, the Association desires to install approximately 19,000 lineal feet of water mains along Zion Back Road.  Installation of the water main will involve the replacement of undersized and aging pipes along with the elimination of dead end lines (where possible).  The project will include replacement of the Association owned portion of the water service lateral connections, installation of residential meter pits and related appurtenances for the entire alignment.  The installation will also give consideration to future distribution system improvements. 


ESTIMATED OPINION OF PROJECT COSTS:   $2,500,000 to $3,000,000




Hecla Well Replacement with Exploration of New Groundwater Source

The existing Hecla well periodically experiences high turbidity which causes system water quality issues.  Additionally, this facility is a below ground facility, which is not ideal, and it is located in the center of an active golf course fairway, which again is not ideal.  The Board initiated a desktop study to identify a new and improved location of a groundwater source within the Association’s water system.  This capital project would continue the pursuit of an additional groundwater source through exploration, permitting, design, construction, and operation.


ESTIMATED OPINION OF PROJECT COSTS:   $1,000,000 to $1,500,000








TOTAL OF ALL PROJECTS                                $8,500,000 to $11,000,000