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A study to determine the possibility of forming a water association began in 1956 under the supervision of The Farmers Home Administration. The first water committee was formed in the spring of 1957. Volume tests of Little Fishing Creek, the proposed source of water, began in 1957 and actual construction of the system was started April 7, 1958. The system was placed in operation in November of 1958.

The system was financed by a forty year loan from the Farmers Home Administration in the amount of $248,000.00 of which $20,000.00 was used to purchase 724 acres of watershed. Interest on the loan was set at a rate of 4%%.

The following article has been taken  from the History of Walker Township. 1810-1999 published by the Walker Township Historical Committee in 2000.


Walker Township Water Association

The Walker Township Water Association was established in 1957. Because the Walker Township area was seriously in need of a community water system local residents Ronald Struble, John Miller, Ward Krape, Willard Truckenmiller, and Nevin Lee explored several possibilities to obtain this goal. These people became the first officers: John Miller, president; Ward Krape, vice­ president; Willard Truckenmiller, secretary/treasurer; Nevin Lee, director; Ronald Struble, director.

Of course, the biggest problem was financing. After many meetings, FHA agent Claude Myers was contacted. They were told the FHA did not finance water systems. After convincing the agency that 50% or more of the water would be used for agricultural purposes, $246,000 was borrowed at 4% for 40 years to construct "the first FHA financed water system in the nation." To meet the required demands, all costs had to be cut to a minimum; therefore, the system was constructed of all plastic and transite lines. It was claimed to be "the first non-metallic system east of the Mississippi."

The first ten charter members included: John Miller, William Sproul, Thomas Walizer, Allen Harter, Edgar Korman, Harvey Yearick, John Hockman, Frederick Benner, Audrey Hall, and Ben Lutz.

Rupert Kountz was hired to engineer the approximate 30 to 35 miles of water system.

The Easement of Right of Way was purchased from Mary Walker to cross her property with water lines for the price of $500. 724 acres of watershed were purchased from Lynwood and Meriam Aumiller for the sum of $20,000 in March of 1958.


The construction contract was awarded to Wilson Benner Inc., for the sum of $226,786. In October 1958 the water was turned on to service the 124 charter members. Guy Shaffer at that time was hired to manage the Association. Five directors were elected to serve for three-year terms. Through many hardships of floods, drought, finances, contamination, increase in demand, regulations and mechanicalproblems, the system has continued to grow to 913 account and is still growing under the same manager.


*History of Walker Township

The original 27 line miles has increased to approximately 50, and memberships have increased from the original 131 to over 1,400 water service connections along the SR 64 corridor in Walker and Spring townships.

We currently have three well sources permitted through the DEP and SRBC. The Water Association is governed by a seven person (member) Board of Directors, while the actual day to day operation is in the hands of a Manager employed by the Directors. The Board of Directors meets monthly and all regular meetings are open to the public.