May 2020 Newsletter


The Board of Directors of Walker Township Water Association, Inc. (WTWA) wishes to provide an update to our customers regarding some upcoming changes at WTWA. 

As many of you know, William Shaffer, of Shaffer Electric, Inc., has been the long-time system operator for WTWA.  Mr. Shaffer will continue to serve as the System Operator.  However, WTWA has hired two (2) employees:  Chris Roan and Kris Little.  Chris Roan has worked with Mr. Shaffer over many years, and is familiar with the water operations.  You may be seeing or may have contact with Mr. Roan or Mr. Little as they undertake normal daily activities to continue to provide you with quality and reliable water.  You may notice new vehicles with the WTWA logo, and the employees will be appropriately credentialed.  Should you have any questions regarding any contact from any person associated with WTWA, please feel free to call the office at 814-383-9955.

In this unprecedented time of the coronavirus infection, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we encourage our employees to ask appropriate screening questions before they would enter your home to make any meter or other system repairs.



WTWA has relocated its main office to 250 Nittany Valley Drive, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, as of May 1, 2020.  This location is between Brother’s Pizza and Mainly Hair Salon at the Zion Plaza.  Similar to the old office that was located at the Walker Township Municipal building, WTWA has a drop box at the new location for customers to make payments.  We hope our customers will find our new location as convenient as the prior location.  WTWA greatly appreciates the opportunity afforded by Walker Township to assist with our previous office needs.



Over the years, one of the items we have noticed is customers frequently experience leaks in their service lines (the line extending from the WTWA main to the customer’s house).  Many service lines were installed years ago, and have reached the end of their useful life.  It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the service line serving each customer’s house or structure.  WTWA is responsible for the line up to the curbstop/shutoff, and the customer is responsible for all line and components from that point into the customer’s house or structure.  Previously, Shaffer Electric, Inc., may have assisted customers with service line repairs.  WTWA has a list of local contractors who are available to assist customers with service line repairs when needed.

Please feel free to contact any contractor of your own choice, to address issues with service line leaks or repairs.  WTWA does not endorse, recommend, or guarantee any work performed by an outside contractor.

Should you be planning a service line repair or replacement, please contact WTWA ahead of time as it is necessary for WTWA personnel to inspect the work and make sure the connection to the main line is performed properly.



 WTWA has undertaken an extensive meter replacement program.  Many of the customer meters are old, and old meters often do not record water flow accurately.  The meter replacement program may also entail installation of a meter pit near the customer curb box and removal of the old meter if it was located inside your house or structure.  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the meter replacement program.


We look forward to continuing to serve your water usage needs.



Board of Directors

Walker Township Water Association, Inc.